David McFall R.A. (1919 - 1988)


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1956/8 Cassell plc inscription

On the foundation stone of Cassell Publishers premises at 35 Red Lion Square London

The foundation stone laid by Sir Winston Churchill

McFall’s diary records:

10/3/56 drawing out Churchill inscription

19/3/56 drawing on Churchill

22/3/56 "1956 on 23/KG OM CH" cut

23/3/56 "MP" cut

24/3/56 "Sir W" cut

29/3/56 "I" cut

30/3/56 "NSTON" cut

31/3/56 "S.CHURCHILL" cut (Epstein in studio)

1/4/56 "THIS STONE W" cut

2/4/56 "AS LAID BY" cut (finish)


1) The stone came by courtesy of the French Government from the main structure of the Chateau of Versailles.  Stone still there but now covered by recent building works in the old foyer. ("The Cassell name was also cut into the stone above the main entrance, perhaps also by McFall, and that lettering is still there too, but equally invisible beneath a covering stone added after Cassell left (24/3/1993 letter from Barry Holmes Cassell plc")

2) "...It was I who commissioned the Pocohontas which used to stand in Red Lion Square - I still have the maquette - and introduced him to Winston Churchill, his bust of whom stood over the foundation stone which WSC laid" (letter from Desmond Flower 4/10/1988)

3) Daily Telegraph 24/4/1956 page 5 including 3 photographs of stone & inscription

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