David McFall R.A. (1919 - 1988)


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1961/4 Muriel

Portrait head

Bronze (cast by Fiorini foundry)

Height 17"

The sitter was Muriel Goddard (née Mallows) and the head was modelled in 4 sittings in October 1961. She was a student at the City & Guilds Art School Kennington when McFall was teaching there.

Exhibited Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1962 Catalogue No. 1098

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Illustrated Magazine 1962

Muriel Mallows has worked in many media, oils, watercolours, pencil, pen and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited many times at galleries across the UK and at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions including 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Leah hand painted by Muriel Goddard (Mallows) 1992

Book illustrations include

her series of seasonal books about

the events in an English garden.

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