David McFall R.A. (1919 - 1988)


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1958/4 Churchill's Hands

Over life size 10" long

Modelled at Rocquebrune for the statue at Woodford Green  

In his book Churchill - Struggle for Survival  his doctor, Lord Moran, says: "...The PM ...opening Punch (the cartoon) ...'they have been attacking me ... Look at my hands - I have beautiful hands'. It was true.  Those podgy, shapeless hands, peering out from a great expanse of white cuff, were not his." [page 523]  "On his desk, which I have never yet seen him use, beside a pile of books, a hand moulded in copper caught my eye.  It was a cast, Winston told me, of his mother's hand, and I noticed that it was an exact counterpart of his own." [page 590]

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