David McFall R.A. (1919 - 1988)


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There are some works which we know from his diaries that David McFall executed but for which we have no photographs.  

If you know of the whereabouts of any of these works (or indeed any McFall sculptures not represented on this website) we would be grateful if you would please contact us so that this record of his work can be as complete as possible.  And if you have any recollections or comments about the man or his work we would be very interested to hear.  Please e mail us at help@davidmcfall.co.uk

The following are some of these ‘missing’ works:


1949/1 Bust of Hugo Manning (Poet) – Bronze portrait head. Exhibited Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1949 Catalogue No. 1295

1954/5 Portrait head of Trudy

1954/8 "Nicolo Piccolo"

1957/3 Female Acrobat Bronze maquette. Exhibited Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1957 Catalogue No. 1533

1957/6 Lao-Tzu

1958/1 Manda Bronze portrait head  . Exhibited RA 1958 Catalogue No. 1347

1961/3 Dyson bronze portrait head

1967/3 Memorial stone to Georg Ehrlich

1970/7 The Japanese Cross

1971/9 Head of Meg

1973/2 La Baigneuse Bronze Exhibited Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1973 Catalogue No. 1014

1973/7 The late Hugh Stenhouse Esq, bust bronze

1973/12 Judith & Holofernes

1981/1 Expectant Nude unique Terracotta. Exhibited Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1981 Catalogue No. 208

1981/8 Ram's Head alabaster

1981/9 Woman Applauding

1987/8 Memorial stone to Bettina Ehrlich

1987/9 The Frozen Man

In addition there are some photographs which we are not able to identify. If you know the identity again we would be most grateful for your help:


Help1_unknown sitter and date





Help2_unknown date and title



Help3_Unknown sitter and date


Help 4 - can anyone identify the work in the background?








Help 5.1, 5.3 and 5.4

The white portrait bust in the foreground is of Susie Solomon modelled in 1973; does anyone have a better photograph please?

Can anyone identify the works numbered 3 and 4 in the background (see right)?



Can anyone identify the works in the background of this photograph please?








 If you can help please e mail help@davidmcfall.co.uk

Many thanks